A poem I wrote

Swimming Through Mountains

A few days ago,
When the morning was new,
I walked ‘round the world,
Just admiring the view.

I swam through the mountains,
Climbed over the seas,
I looked up at the green ground
From down low in the trees.

I watched the boats,
As they sailed through the sky.
The birds watched them too,
And wished they could fly.

I patted a lion,
And I smiled at the bear,
I was chased by a fierce toad,
Who was guarding his lair.

I ran through the clouds,
On my way back home,
And the sun smiled down
Through the banks of sea foam.

They say that I dreamed it,
But that isn’t true.
They don’t know what you see,
When the morning’s brand-new.

I like the first two verses a lot, but the other ones aren't as good. I couldn't figure out how to end it properly. Maybe I should work on it a little more...


  1. I'm like totaly jealous of your poetry skills!!! This one is realy good, and i like the was you ended it! :]

  2. Good! I'm glad you liked it.