Piano Class and Falling Trees

    Tuesday is a piano class day for me and Sam, so I had to get up super early today, in order to take a shower and get my school done on time. Our piano class is at the community college my Dad works at, and we get to go for free because he works there. I was kind of nervous about taking it, since I’m way younger than most college students (!), but it has worked out fine. I even kind of like it.
    Today we were mostly reviewing a piece that we’re taking a test on next class (Thursday). I was pretty happy with how well I could do it. It’s nice to be proud of yourself. :-)
The test is probably going to make me nervous, though. He said that he’ll take us each separately into his office to play for him. I suppose that’s better than playing for everybody, but kind of nerve-racking all the same.  
    The weather was really nasty today. There was a lot of wind, and I got startled by a tree falling over, right near my window! If it had been twenty or thirty feet closer, it might have come through my ceiling. (maybe an exaggeration.) That made me nervous, of course, especially since Mom and Dad were gone on errands, so I called the dogs inside. It would be awful if one of them got smashed in their own backyard. :-(
    We had some delicious fajitas for supper, and then we did our chores. The shelf in the fridge door fell off, and so I got coffee creamer and Worcestershire sauce all over the kitchen. The sauce smelled awful. It is not a pleasant smell in large doses.
    It’s still nasty out, but I hope it will be better in the morning. I don’t like rainy weather, because our house is too small, and the boys get rowdy; and the dogs get all wet and muddy, and then I hate taking care of them, because the get me wet and muddy! Not fun.
    Well, I have now written about my whole day up until now, (and it was rather boring, too), so now I have to find something else to do. I wish I had some books to read, but I am kind of greedy about books, and I read them all at once; so even though I had a ton to read last week, I have zippo this week. According to my spell check, zippo is not a word, but my mom uses it, so I get to too. :-)
    Anyway, see you tomorrow. Maybe I will think of something to write that’s very scholarly and impressive, like a book report, or maybe I will write about my dog again. :-) Or maybe...  Never mind, you’ll just have to wait and see. 

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