Now our backyard is flooded!

And of course, the front yard still is too.
Is this what it's like here every spring? It looks like the boys will have plenty of chances to float around in our front yard! The worse thing is, it kind of smells, and it's bringing floating trash into the yard. Ugh. More cleanup! In a way it's kind of fun, but mostly I'd rather not have my yard flooded, especially since the dogs are always getting wet and muddy. Then we have to dry them off whenever they come in, and they look so miserable, I feel very guilty not taking care of them, but I don't like doing it. One of these days we are supposed to be moving to a larger house in town, but it seems very far away. We were supposed to close on it on March 7, but something went wrong with the plumbing, and now someone has to do repairs, and it is going to take forever and ever. The more I have to wait, the more I want to move. Our house is way too small for six people, and it doesn't help to have a flooded yard. 

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