Miniature Photo-board Thingummy

     I don't know what these are called, but you can tell what it is, right? It's modeled after my full-sized one that I haven't used yet, only it's different colors, (and it's only two inches by three inches!) I would have preferred a different color material, instead of white, but maybe I can pick up some cheap scraps at Wal-mart and make another one! I'd also like some sheets of cork, and then I could make mini cork-boards. I had originally intended to make one with cork, but we didn't have any. Oh well, it turned out fine, because then I thought of this! The little photos are pretty amazing, they're thumbnails that came with some full-sized photos my grandma sent us. They aren't quite the right scale, but they're very close. The ribbons are actually quilling paper. Maybe I'll buy some real ribbons, but these worked pretty well. Anyway, this was really fun, and I thought I would share it with you. I have a ton of ideas for making other ones, so maybe I'll have more to share soon! =)  And maybe next time I won't get so much hot glue all over myself!

P.S.  I'm back to the bird background! I kind of missed my birds...

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  1. I think I figured out what they're called. Memory boards? Maybe... I'm not sure about that.