It's a beautiful day!

My favorite antique metal donkey who lives on the windowsill with pretty bottles and rose petals.  Kinda random, but he's really nice. :-)
Today was bee-yoo-tee-ful! I think that maybe, just maybe, spring is on the way! That would be lovely. I think Spring is my favorite season. Fall and Summer are sometimes my favorites too. Winter is probably my least favorite. Anyway, I am hoping that since we moved farther South, we will be getting Spring sooner! After we got home from church we played games outside, and ran around like crazy with the dogs, because it was so gorgeous outside. Then Mom wanted us to clean up outside, so we picked up sticks and trash for an hour or so. You wouldn't believe the amount of sticks the dogs drag into the  yard! Pookie is the main culprit. She has this habit of picking up a stick when she wants to go home, and trotting off towards the deck. I don't know what her deal is. It's something weird she picked up when she was little. Sam used to give her a stick to take home whenever they finished their walk. I don't know why, but apparently it makes perfect sense to Pookie! Now we're just sitting around the house. I really ought to be cleaning my room. It's such a mess I can't do my school or anything in there, and if I say that, it's sure to be awful! I work fine in all of my clutter, it's lovely clutter. :-) But when I can't move without stepping on something I should probably clean up. Sigh! Well I guess I am going to clean up then. Here's hoping I don't get lost in there. It's highly likely.


  1. I know what ya mean, my room is a MESS! And I really really dont wanna clean it up :p YES! It was absolutely bee-yoo-tee-ful out side, I bathed Tillieo and took her on a walk :) anywho, when should I be expecting my nxt letter?? ;)