Warm weather :-)

I told them to smile, and they did.
I am really, really liking having spring in February! It's beautiful outside. After we got back from church, I changed into short-sleeves and flip-flops and sat outside in a camping chair with Piper while I read my book. There's a lot of wind out that sometimes wrapped my hair all around my face, but I didn't mind too much. It was a friendly wind. :-) When I got tired of my book we (Piper and me) went for a walk, and I ran up and down the path barefoot with her. Whoever first said you could only go barefoot in months without an R was totally senseless. They probably never went barefoot in their life. It's perfectly lovely to go barefoot in February if you can! We had our ham and bean lunch at church, which was an experience. We got introduced to a lot of Southern dishes from this area. I'm afraid I didn't like very many of them. The ham and beans and cornbread was all good, but as for such things as turnip greens... Well, I didn't even try them, because I definitely shared the opinion of the little girl who loudly announced, "Eww!!" when she saw them. However, as her aunt admonished her, everyone has their own tastes, and some people like turnip greens. I can't imagine who! They kind of reminded me of when I was little, and I stuffed a whole bunch of weeds and water in a jar for my 'soup' or whatever it was. It would sit in the shed forever, and get all wilted and rotten and smell bad. Gross! Mom's chocolate cake was wonderful, and everyone loved it. I don't think we're working on trees today. That's because we keep the Sabbath. Just kidding. We do not keep the Sabbath, and even if we did, the Sabbath is on Saturday, not Sunday. Most people don't seem to know that. However, we do seem to rest on Sunday, just because. Part of it is that Dad is teaching the book of Daniel on Sunday nights, so he has to get ready for that. Well, Toodles! I'm off to enjoy my day of rest... :-)

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