God's sense of humor

I think that God has a sense of humor. Maybe I’m just making that up because I like the idea, but if you think about it, it does make sense. How could he create us with a sense of humor if he didn’t have one himself? Some people seem to think it’s a sin to have a sense of humor, but frankly, they’re the most miserable people I know of. In my opinion a sense of humor is absolutely vital to the experience of being a human. How can you survive if you don’t have one? I mean, sometimes you have to laugh or cry, and I think you’ll live longer if you choose to laugh. :-) Besides too many things in this world are just plain hilarious, and more than one situation I’ve been in seems like it’s been engineered by somebody with a keen sense of humor. I think that God must laugh an awful lot. Not at us, but with us, at least if we have the good grace to laugh. In conclusion, I’m quite convinced that God has a sense of humor, and if he doesn’t than I have to wonder what he was thinking when he made me.

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