Doggie Personalities

Pookie begging for love and attenion.

Piper, sitting still for a moment. Aren't they both beautiful?
     I never thought much about dogs having their own personalities. Or I should say I did, but I didn’t realize that you could have two dogs of the same breed, with entirely different personalities. However, that is exactly the case with my German Shepherd, Piper, and Sam’s German Shepherd, Phoebe (otherwise known as Pookie). Piper is one of the most exceptionally intelligent active dogs I have ever met, where on the other hand, Phoebe is exceptionally lazy, laid-back, and friendly. Not to say that Piper is not friendly and doesn’t love people, but Phoebe adores people, and is determined that all people should adore her back. Not to say either, that Pookie is not as intelligent as Piper, she is just devoted to eating food, and being patted, and staying at home, whereas Piper is devoted to doing things, going on walks, being extremely active, and poking her nose into absolutely everything. The funny thing is that Sam and I managed to each get a dog with the exact opposite personality of our own. Samuel doesn’t have an un-busy bone in his body, and is constantly on the move, doing something or other. As for me, I tend to be laid-back, and I stay at home reading, using the computer, and yes, I admit: being lazy. This doesn’t always work well with the dogs, however. When Sam wants to be outside all day, Pookie will simply grow tired of running around, and flop down for a nap. And when I want to cuddle in my bedroom with a napping doggie while reading a book, Piper most likely wants to go out hiking in the back, so she can chase rabbits and birds all over the place. The unfortunate consequence of this, is that sometimes Piper and I have an identity crisis. She forgets that I exist, and attaches herself to Sam instead, which makes me furious. Pookie and Sam don’t have these problems, because Pookie always gets the kind of attention she wants and more!  So the long and short is, before I realize it, my dog has given up on me, and follows Sam around. Which is Sam’s fault, because he likes to play with her, and race her up and down the yard. It really goes against Sam’s grain to have a lazy dog, and he constantly denies that Pookie is lazy, but the fact remains that she is. The best solution, of course, would be to switch dogs, which Mom has suggested, but we are both adamantly opposed to that, and can’t you see why? They’re our dogs, and we love them. Piper is MINE. It remains to convince me that I’m hers, however. It’s not constantly a problem, but it has been recently, so we had to come up with a solution. The solution is this: Sam does not touch, feed or play with my dog, and I don’t pat his. And as for me, I have to pay attention to Piper, and play games with her even when I feel lazy. And maybe Sam will have to be a little laid-back for the sake of his Pookie. I hope so, because I shouldn’t be the only one who has to work. :-) And the truth is, Piper does love me, and I love her a whole lot. And I will pay attention to her, and she will pay attention to me. But the moral of the story is, Sam : Relax! Me: Be aggressive, and work hard at being the owner of a lovely gorgeous dog named Piper.  

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