Books about pious children. Ugh!

    I despise Elsie Dinsmore books. The thought of them fills me with horror. And I really, really don’t like any other books about pious, sanctimonious children. To be fair, I really haven’t read the Elsie Dinsmore books, past scanning one briefly when I was nine or ten, and I don’t even possess any knowledge of the basic storyline. However I gathered that Elsie was a very, very holy child who never did anything wrong, and suffered very much for doing good, and constantly wrestled with her conscience, and never had any fun. Perfectly awful. Who wants to read about that? I promptly put the book down, and never had any desire to pick it up again. I’ve also had some experience with other old religious books for children, and I did not like them either. I do not like pious children. Pious is supposed to be something good, I think, but somehow the word pious always brings to mind sanctimonious, holier-than-thou people who absolutely kill any joy or pleasure that us less pious people thought we were perfectly right in enjoying. So anyway, maybe if I read more about Elsie I would be able to stand her, but I doubt it. I would far rather read about a bad or interesting child than a pious one who wrestles with their conscience and feels very penitent when they are bad. No doubt about what kind of child I am, I guess...    

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