Best friends? Aaaaa!!

     Have you ever met someone who totally does not pick up on social cues? It’s very unfortunate if someone like that decides to be your friend. For one thing, you’re quite positive you don’t want to be their friend, and for another, they’ll want you to be their best friend. And you probably already have some perfectly good best friends, and even if you don’t, you probably don’t even want to be worst friends with them. The difficult thing about it is they don’t pick up on social cues, remember? So if you ignore them, and don’t talk to them about subjects they want to talk about and you don’t, they probably won’t even notice. You can’t really avoid them either, because they’re the type of people who will stalk you. Eventually you realize you’re never going to get rid of this person, unless you are really mean to them, or tell them “ I would rather be friends with a poison-spewing, flea-bitten piranha.” Sadly, that would be really, extremely cruel, and you’re actually a nice person, but you really, really need to get rid of your new best friend. It’s even harder if you’re a sympathetic person, and you know that this person has been treated badly, and doesn’t have any friends. However, you do have to live your life, so what do you do? I don’t know! Let me know if you find out... because let me tell you: it’s a problem!

P.S. As my mom pointed out, I'm not talking about people who just aren't entirely with it, I'm talking about kids my age who ought to know better. Just thought I'd clarify that. 

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