Dad and the Cessna 150 he learned to fly in.
Airplanes are a big part of my family’s life. They have been ever since I was a little kid, and Dad first started taking flight lessons. He got his private pilot’s license first, then he got a mechanic’s license, then he got the next thing after private (I can’t remember it’s name), then he got his flight instructor’s license, and I don’t know what else. In between all that time (which was quite a few years) we hauled airplanes all over the United States, we fixed up old junky ones that didn’t fly anymore (or at least Sam and Dad did), we volunteered at Christian Wings for the World where Dad started his flight training, and now we’ve moved to our current house so he can teach airplane mechanics at a community college. I’m pretty sure we’ve done other things involving airplanes too. So you get the idea. Airplanes are a BIG part of our life. So I decided it was about time I did a post on airplanes. Not that I’m actually very knowledgeable about them, but I have some interesting pictures and stories about them!

Me and Sam a looooooong time ago at the Saguaro National State Park on one of our airplane trips.

Benjy Bear (which was his nickname), pretending to haul the airplane like Daddy.

We went to Arizona for the first airplane we ever hauled. It was fun!

A random airplane fuselage. I guess some one put the tail number on the photo?

Me and Dad, right before I went on my first airplane ride ever with him.

View from an airplane

Sam with an enormous headset.

Another airplane we hauled.

Anyway, that was a lot of fun memories, and now you know about my family and airplanes! :-)

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