My first blog post! (written Jan. 17)

My brothers were sadly unimpressed by the announcement that I was going to start a blog. They said things like,
    “What are you going to do with a blog?” “Why would somebody want to read about you?” So I stuck my nose in the air and said,
    “I’ll have you know I’m doing it simply for my own satisfaction!” And thus the name of my blog came into being. Of course then I had to create the blog, and I got very exceedingly frustrated and annoyed, because I don’t know how to customize the backgrounds and stuff, and all of the usual backgrounds are boring and un-unique. Un-unique is not a word, but it describes their stupid backgrounds and colors and stuff very well.
    Anyway, moving on to happier subjects, I came up with a password, and then I forgot it. Wait, that’s not happier! And to make it even worse, our e-mail is down, and so I have no way to ask what it was. I thought about just starting over, but my wonderful name has already been taken, (by me, the little jerk.)

    Sigh. It’s no wonder my brothers were unimpressed by my high ambitions. I am determined, however, that the story of my blog is going to have a happy ending. Or should I say a happy ending to the beginning. I’d rather not have an ending because that would mean I’ve lost my password for good!
    Well, eventually our e-mail will have to work again, and then I can get my password, and then I can sign in and post this on my blog, and then you will know that my troubles are over, except you’ll only just be hearing of them!

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