I love miniatures. Don't ask why, because I don't know. It's a strange obsession. And several years ago, I found out that not only are there wonderful things called minis, you can actually make them yourself! Hurray! So anyway, I thought I would share the minis I've made with you. Or at least the ones that are halfway decent. :-)
This is my orange-shaped teapot. It's made out of polymer clay.

My round robin teapot.

A new twist on paper quilling. Hopefully you can tell that these are tulips :-)

A house plant of some sort.

A round hatbox made out of cardstock.

One of my favorites, a yellow piggy bank

Cinnamon rolls. Yum!

Baskets, obviously

Another amazing quilling creation :-)

 In real life, this clown toy would have a bell inside, and wobble around and make annoying noises. :-)

Cake made out of polymer clay. The powdered sugar is ground up chalk. Delicious, huh?

Summer sausage

Salad, for healthiness.

My best pieces of fruit. I had another pear, but the stem broke off. :-(

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