Good Things

Laughing, or making someone laugh
Hugging a puppy
Pretending anything and everything you want to
Arriving where you’re going
Being outrageously creative
Smiling because you can’t help it
Using words to say something well
Knowing what grace is
Finding your new absolute favorite book
Dreaming about all the lovely things that could happen to you
Waving at airplanes or helicopters
Getting a letter from a friend
Doing things that make your little brothers giggle, (even if they are boys!)
Using words that aren’t actually words
Giggling helplessly for fifteen minutes straight
Knowing people who love unconditionally
Watching old television shows
Having a good argument with somebody
Going to bed late, and sleeping in
Being okay with who you are
Exploring antique stores
Having a private joke with yourself
Writing a good story
Staying up until you’re slaphappy
Stepping out to a day that makes you smile
Doing things simply for your own satisfaction. :-)

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